Paris’ “BFF’s” Have A Night Out!

They really better work!

In an effort to try and return COABB again to its previous “form” where I also talked about other things other than my love of hot men. I’ve decided to tackle a very important issue. The issue I’m referring to is the heinous fashion crime committed by Paris Hilton’s axed “BFF” Onch and her associates. Who are also apparently former “BFF” contestants. Granted Onch is what my Bitchy BFF would probably call “ferosh.” This outfit though?

Oh honey no!

I mean really now girl, oversized plastic Hello Kitty ribbon with Wicked Witch of the east type of leggings? What is the meaning of this Hello Kitty look? I mean really now why is she dressed like this? I’m am not ok with that. Furthermore, all three of them couldn’t look any more disjointed from one another even if they tried. One is rocking a “I’m going to the mall, after work” look, and the other is wearing a typical LA look with jeans I would rock myself. However, those boots make my feet hurt from where I’m sitting. And the other well…Hello Tokyo! I guess the theme of the night was fuck fashion. Let’s hear it for the boys!



Photos from Pacific Coast

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