Christian Bale… Just Cause

Contents are extremely hot!

Since I was already over at PCNO catching up on some celebrity gossip I decided to poach these photos of the rough and rugged, Batman himself, Christian Bale as well. I couldn’t help myself. Christian is such a fox and he reminds me a lot of my high school crush. Yes I know “High School Crush” how juvenile. Give me a break, I was in High School we all had one. Anyways, here he is getting some coffee and I’ve got to ask

Oh Christian why are you so darn sexy?

I can still remember the first time I saw Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. I was over at someone’s house and I accidentally stumbled upon a scene from American Psycho where Christian here was taking a shower, tanning himself, working out and giving himself a facial, all the while buck ass naked and then in his underwear. I thought I had stumbled upon some gay porn on tv or something. But, alas it was only Christian here being his hot ass self. I’ll always remember that every time I see Christian. Always have, always will.



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