I’m Holding Out For A Hero Like Brandon W.

Brandon W

Nothing Compares To You

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, in comes male model Brandon W. Not only does he have my all-time favorite name in a guy, the blonde, bright-blue-eyed, 6 foot and 2 inches tall, gorgeousness is amazingly buff and breathe-takingly handsome. I think I’m in love. I mean really now, those strong arms? That six pack? That waistline? That face?

Everything about Brandon is beyond compare!

Surely he must have a flaw? There’s this saying I forgot where exactly, I think in Greek Mythology, that when something is created perfect we must create a flaw. The reason for that was so they do not anger the Gods. To them only gods can be or have anything perfect. If this was true Brandon would be causing quite a storm up there.

His proportions are ridiculously epic. Seriously, his jawline and bone structure is unbelievable studly. The sensual lips, the peircing stare and that bulging chest? Oh Brandon won’t you be my own personal Hercules?

Truth be told, when it comes to  uber-muscular guys I flip flop whether they’re my type or not. While I do love a tall bulky guy towering over me in every way possible, cuddling could be a bit… dangerous. I’ve cuddled with uber-muscular guys in the past before, it’s good it felt safe, however,  let me tell you they are not that comfortable. Like I’ve told my Bitchy BFF it’s literally like cuddling with the statue of David. Good thing Brandon here, is just about right. Well actually he’s perfect, but I’ll just say he’s “just right” as to not anger the gods.



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