Frederick Sachs In The City


Roof-top Hottie

Handsome male model Frederick Sachs is above and beyond my type of guy. From the hair, the bod, the frame, everything right down to that adonis belt of his, I’m enamored. Those really sexy sleepy bedroom eyes of his can talk me into absolutely anything if he wanted to. Truth be told,

I could look into those eyes far longer than forever

With a body more banging than a weekend at 1 Oak in Chelsea, abs harder than the concrete pavement in the streets of New York, lips softer than a Louis Vuitton cashmere sweater sold in Barney’s, and a bone structure more sculpted than anything ever shown at the Met,  I can’t help but swoon and sigh.

It’s true and I know it’s so cliche, but certain boys and men, like Frederick here, have this sort of spell on me. Like when I’m shopping I get this overwhelming feeling inside my heart. But in this case it’s not the labels, it’s Frederick.



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