What A Cute Couple… If They Were Gay

Oh man, remember those days when everybody, and I mean everybody and their mama, was all over Laguna Beach and their “drama”? Man those were the days… sorta. Anyways, I’m bringing this up because while I was in the middle of typing up a 6 page essay for Political Science, ok I’m lying, more like procrastinating and contemplating on starting is more like it. Well, I got bored and ended up on one of my favorite blogs Towleroad and came upon this cute, funny, and just teeny bit vulgar little short featuring, Laguna Beach alum, Tallan Torriero. If you need a memory jog, he was the cute young one who was always at the beach who kinda had a little thing with that girl now starring on The Hills, post LC, who I refuse to name. Remember him? If you don’t then… Oh well hoe. Well it’s pretty much a video about 2 straight guys bonding over sliced sandwich then discusses what they would do if they were gay. You might want to turn down the volume or put on your headphones because the discussion turns pretty damn filthy near the end.



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