I’m Seth Travis’ Paparrazi

Seth Travis

His real good side

Listen, I’m probably one of uber-handsome male model Seth Travis‘ biggest fans. I’m like the groupie to his rock-star, and he’s the music to my radio, as well as the superstar to my paparazzi. Clad in super hot white shorts and towel on hand and nothing else, this picture of him is utterly priceless! Cupid’s got me and I’m smitten by those piercingly ice-cold eyes, fair complexion, and gorgeous face with a body thats fat free and 100 percent pure beef. He’s also got

a bright smile that could light up the whole Eiffel tower

Oh and did I forget to say that the handsomely short brown hair on him is bomb! Know this, from the garage to rooftops, I’ll follow and chase him down until he loves me. Don’t even try to evade me cause I won’t ever stop until you’re all mine.




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