I <3 LG | Lady Gaga On Saturday Night Live

Queen of being so “different” Lady Gaga was on Saturday Night Live last night! However, I went out and forgot to watch it! What was I thinking?? In case you missed it as well, my girl killed it while performing one of my current favorites from her “Paparazzi”. First off, love the trashy red outfit, and the curly long blonde locks, with the leather hooker boots! Lady Gaga seriously always manages to turn it out with her ass out! How could you not love her? She’s literally like Madonna, Britney, Christina, and Beyonce all rolled into one! I love that she always maintains her innate and impeccable fashion sense. Considering the song is “old,” I’m glad she sang a hot dance remix of the song as well. Truth be told, she’s probably the only artist out right now that uses dance remixes of her songs for some of her performances and I love that! She also performed a medley of Love Game, Bad Romance, which I can’t wait to hear the full version of, and of course the piano version of Poker face. Rocking a spiral interplanetery, out of this world contraption also called a skirt for Lady gaga. She was rocking that thang like!

Speaking of Madonna, she also made a guest appearance on a sketch with Lady Gaga! Can we say: Amazing! What does this mean for my girl, living legend and iconic mama Britney Spears, Madonna’s former(?) sucessor? Anyways, to check out the second performance and the skit with Madonna, which I found ridiculously cute, continue reading.



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