I’m Delos Without You! | Joshua Delos… Undressed

Joshua Delos

You make that look so good

It’s amazing how 19 year old, baby-faced, male model, and potty mouth Joshua Delos‘ eyes can melt my heart in an instant. If I only knew where this New York native was, I’d run to him immediately. It’s crazy, but those piercing blue eyes of his make me feel like he’s almost here with me, even though where most likely thousand miles apart.

I swoon, I sigh, I won’t deny it!

I’m trying to get a grip, but that handsome face, the strong nose, the super plump and pouty lips that rivals Angelina Jolie, and that super lean and sexy athletic body, along with the tousled hair made me hit the ceiling.

Apparently, not only does he model, he works as a construction worker and is also a boxer. Sexy! I’m going to own up to it, I’ve got it bad for this 6 foot bad boy. Yes… my adoration of bad boy’s will be the end of me but I don’t care. Clearly, if there was a prize for rotten judgement, I’d come out on top, but I feel like I’m lost without him. However If I close my eyes I’m right where he is. 



7 thoughts on “I’m Delos Without You! | Joshua Delos… Undressed

  1. I know exactly where he is too and if you kidnap him; it will be the end of you! :-p He is not only your love but mine as well. Anonymous must be a jealous ex g/f.

  2. trust me when I say all must back away, he is a baby making machine. from what I understand he has already set in motion hsi 3rd baby

  3. I would kidnap the dark haired Joshua but I think I could hold myself back on the blonde one. He sure has a nice ass laying on the couch with it propped up just the way it should be. He’s no baby making machine except for butt babies which often have flippers.

  4. He is a low life he has two kid’s one of which is mine.. He doesn’t take care of him and he is almost two years old.. Turns two on april 3.. He hasn’t done shit for him.. poor thing doesn’t even know who he is and now he moved to florida with him new girlfriend.. Ughto he comes the third babyy..

    And if you dought me e-mail me at cowboysrulnumba9@hotmail.com

    My name is bryana and I HATE him..
    He got me pregnant at 16..

    I think it is stupid that he gets to do what i wanted to do with my life but instead
    I am stuck home with his kid taking care of him..

  5. If what you say is true I’m actually quite sorry to hear that Bryana, That’s a tough situation, I can just imagine.

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