Why Britney Why?!?

Can you hear me??

Spotted: My girl, living legend and iconic mama Britney Spears strolling around target looking for something only god and she knows. Honestly, Britney is probably THE ONLY A-list celebrity that is photographed inside a target. It’s one of things that if another celebrity does is it, it’s like WTF? But when Britney does it, it’s “normal,” cause its “Britney” That’s what she does! Anyways, I do have to say the woman is undeniably looking as banging as ever!! Loving that belly baring printed blouse on her. The daisy dukes? Mmm Mami Love you!

If those shorts were any shorter she could be cited for public indecency!

My only problem with this are those ridiculously heinous pink boots she’s wearing. I mean my god! Those things are still standing? I curse the company who manufactured those!!! Heinous! In the immortal words of Regina George: those are the ugliest effing boots I’ve ever seen!

You’re looking real good Brit and congrats with the well received new single, but next time lose the boots. Better yet throw them in the garbage where they clearly belong. I love you always.




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