Alan Carey Belongs To Me

Alan Carey

Alan and his worn out jeans

Tell me fair-skinned male model Alan Carey is not looking sexy as hell with just his baby blues and denim on? I must admit: the boy is just so model perfect! Where to begin? His abs, actually every inch of his body, are dangerously lean, his face so magnificently stunning, along with gorgeous blonde hair, and eyes that sparkle so bright, even the blind can see.

I’m trying to be cool but Alan’s too hot I’m melting!

And the fact that he doesn’t appear to be wearing any underwear underneath those faded jeans of his only adds to his extreme sex appeal.

Oh Alan Carey, let’s not make it complicated I’m yours, no if’s, and’s or but’s. How could you not know? Nobody will get you like I do, when will you see that I’m the one and you belong to me?



One thought on “Alan Carey Belongs To Me

  1. who is this L im hearing of everywhere lol? this is his girlfriend, this is very cute of you. and ur right about evrythin u say lol.. he loves his fans!


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