Grey Matters | Shane In Fantastics Mag

Is that a little grey anatomy i see?

Can I just state how tremendously smitten I am with this brand spanking new editorial from Fantastics Mag called “Grey Matters”. The styling(most of the times), the simplicity, and how some of the clothes were put together was so on point, you really just can’t help but appreciate and covet them. That jacket seen on the right, I absolutely adore! It’s so amazing!, I’d die!

The asymmetrical front pockets on that jacket is bomb!

And the trousers with the off center buttons is freaking amazing! I’m digging the slight but prominent addition of color as well. This shoot is just so bananas! The only other thing about this shoot that I’m actually more smitten by is Shane, the ridiculously handsome male model featured in them. Where to begin? His hair is literally my favorite hairstyle, his face is no doubt handsome, the eyes: dreamy as can be, and  those arm tattoos? Sexy as fuck. Actually, Shane is sexy as fuck. there you go.




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