Capra Sun | Gregory Capra In Tetu

Gregory Capra

Now there's something I could dive into...

Damn homie! Mind you I don’t usually speak like that, but hot stud and personal trainer, Gregory Capra, brought that out in me. The brute beauty is the most recent cover boy featured in ultra popular european gay men’s mag Tetu and his ruthlessly handsome face is killing me.

The militaristic dark crew-cut is too sexy for his own good and the brooding look in his eyes makes me want to lean back in fear of losing my heart to him.

Gregory just oozes that sexy “Bad Boy” attitude I so adore in men

The sun-tanned skin, the spectacular pecs and those arms are seriously kicking my ass as well. And obviously, I also must marvel at his ridiculously lean and cut abs. The ridges are so well defined and they look sharp enough, you could lose a finger just by caressing him. Honestly, I’ve never seen abs as perfect as his, he rivals even that of Scott Herman. Lastly, I must also say Gregory is filling up those speedo’s quite well. As a matter of fact, those things couldn’t be any more snug on him. It’s  exactly just the way I like…uhuh.



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