Models In Motion: Jeff Tomsik

Bare naked and I can't take it!

Bare naked and I just can't take it anymore!

My obsession love for male model, uber-stud, “goof-ball,” and man of my dreams Jeff Tomsik should be legendary. Honestly, that face, with those sexy come-hither eyes and the bone structure, just slays me every time. He’s like the Buffy to my vampire, Big to my Carrie, Lady Gaga to my dance floor, and the Kevin to my Britney. He sets my heart a flutter and I won’t even mention what his banging body does to me. So color me delighted when I came across these videos of Jeff himself. The result? It’s bad… its really bad. I’ve fallen even harder for Jeff.

The man is truly the one I want!

About the videos, while the profile video is short and brief it features Jeff seductively introducing himself then proceeds to undress. The second and my favorite video features a much longer and more in-depth look at Jeff’s, or “Barbie” as his co-workers like to call him, life in his small town. Apparently, the Ohio native is outgoing, doesn’t like being cooped up in an office, and a goof-ball. So am i! It’s like a match made in heaven. And get this he was/is garbage man! Yes you heard that right. I’ve never seen garbage look that good. All I have to say about that is if my garbage men looked liked that, I’d be sleeping outside with the garbage waiting to get picked and flipped by good ol’e Jeff.



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