The Truth About My Charlie

Charlie Scheerer

I'm loving Charlie instead

Oh my stars and garters! Say hello to my new Wallpaper! Sorry Jeff Tomsik but you’ve mesmerized me long enough… for now. I’m praying that next time the good God above give me a little warning right before he starts releasing heavenly photos of his most beautiful, and my own personal, angel and male model Charlie Scheerer.  His actions, as kind as they are, just about gave my romantic little heart a heart attack. It’s a miracle that in my current condition I was able to survive. In case I perish from extreme infatuation, I must ask because I couldn’t help but wonder…

Is there anyone more gorgeous than Charlie?

Anyone who has more captivating eyes than he does? Anyone who has a more perfect hair-do? Anyone more dreamy than a daydream? Anyone more fit to be my husband? Anyone? Not in my eyes. I’m blinded by his love. My eyes see only Charlie. He is the most sought after man in my heart.



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