I Must Confess…

LHey guys, L here bedside blogging after being “gone” for a good few days. Don’t fret! I didn’t abandon my, and hopefully your, favorite little guilty pleasure of a blog. I actually just had surgery and wasn’t really able to blog, or do anything else actually, at all. It was terrible!  Not just the not being able to blog thing, but the surgery, but also the no bars, no drinking, the missing 2 weeks of school that I have to tediously make up, and work. Well the work part isn’t so bad, but pretty much not having a life for a couple of weeks is pretty heinous. Actually it’s not just pretty heinous its Kanye-West-interupting-Taylor-Swift-Heinous. Thank goodness though for a certain new hottie gentleman in my life sending me charming texts, sexy voice mails, and funny phone-calls to keep me from going completely insane.

Anyways, enough about my romantic-hoochery, I hate having surgery! Hopefully this will be my first and the last… god willing. In case your worried,  the surgery was very minor, nothing serious. However, it was still painful afterwards, thank goodness for good ol’e vicodin. What would I do without you?

Alas, I have to end this and bid a temporary farewell and return to my “coffin,” or bed whatever, because even sitting for short periods of time causes me some pain. On the flip side, I can finally catch up on season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy, finally get to see who the hell won Big Brother 11, and see what on earth is happening on Drop Dead Diva and Gossip Girl. Oh and thanks for keeping my blog alive and better than ever guys!!! I’ll be back, with more hot men, my thoughts on Men’s Fashion Week and more, before you can say Death By Boredom so stay tuned. Until then…



One thought on “I Must Confess…

  1. …i love drop dead diva…but unfortunately..i usually have to work that night..so i come home exhausted and miss the episode

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