Spring 2010 Men’s Marc By Marc Jacobs

Spring 2010 Men's Marc By Marc Jacobs

Gorgeous in red

It’s that time of the year again! Men’s fashion Week! Oh how I love it so. The gorgeous male models, the marvelous fashion inspirations, and the amazing clothes, I love it all. In the immortal words of  Rachel Zoe, I die! Truth be told, New York Men’s fashion week started some days ago but I haven’t had a chance to put up my favorites, I had a crazy fun weekend followed by crazy not so fun school mid-terms and tests. Ugh! I know the life of a college student so “glam”.

Anyways on to the clothes! Obviously everyone will be talking about the Spring 2010 Men’s Marc By Marc Jacobs collection regardless if its good or not.

Marc Jacobs is so “it” at the moment that it’s not even funny anymore.

I feel like he could create garments out of pure trash and fashionista’s would still fawn! Anyways while I did not completely adore the entire collection full of bright plaids, and silent cardigans I did adore the strapped suede shoes, along with the super hot short shorts paired with the loose and breezy cropped sweaters. Continue reading to see more highlights from the show.




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