Oh My Benjamin Godfre!

Benjamin Godfre

Lust Incarnate

After posting that sorta-cool, sorta-freaky photo of Justin and Jessica I had to follow it with a tremendous force of hotness to wipe away whatever foul taste it left onto people mouths. COABB favorite and ultra gorgeous and uber hot male model and sex god Benjamin Godfre is probably one of the few who can do the trick. I’m loving these new-ish photos of him. Good lord!

The man is made of 100% pure unadulterated lust.

A night without him  is a carnal sin. I demand absolute salvation! His eyes are so alluring, his face  so chiseled with a body so seductive resistance would be impossible.  I’m loving the over-styled side-swiped hair as well. It’s so “fashion,” so dreamy,  and very unexpected coming from a fitness model. I’m so in love!



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