Justin & Jessica As Lesbians!

The happiest gay couple in all the world?

Omg! It is way to early for this type of foolishness! When I saw this photo over at one of my fave blogs TFS, I nearly died and went straight to gay hell(some place they don’t have cute boys). Who did this? I demand to know who is responsible for this gender-bending fuckery? Bless his or her heart! A photo of uber-douche Justin Timberlake as a somewhat lipstick lesbian holding hands with She-sulk, Jessica Biel as a somewhat bull-dyke is utterly priceless. Also

Am I the only one who see’s lesbian couple Dana and Kirsten from Rick & Steve in these?

Honestly, they look so right in this form, it’s as if this is how it should be! But, alas its not. Oddly enough, Jessica B. is looking some kind of good. Very metro, very David Beckham circa when he had his long hair. I’d hit it… Does that make me straight?



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