Untamed! | David Williams… Undressed

There's a Wolf in the locker room

If your not familiar with Australian professional rugby league player David Williams, it’s never too late to  familiarize yourself. The 6 foot beast is nicknamed the “Wolf-man” because of his long shaggy hair and unruly beard. Thankfully for us, he shaves it off every once and a while to reveal a truly stunning beauty underneath the “beast”. And my goodness, what a beauty he is. I swear David  is literally the definition of a hot stud!

A mere sight of him is making a savage out of me!

I lose all my domestication, I can’t control it, I need to be caged!  I have to have him. This animal in me is brought on by love. Can you blame me? How can I not fall in love?  I’m captured by the perfectly sculpted abs, the carved arms, the spell-binding eyes, on that ruggedly handsome face. Not to mention the incredibly muscular thighs!

Oh David, there’s a also wolf in my closet, won’t you let him out and set him him free?




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