Charlie’s An Angel

Charlie Scheerer

Good Morning Charlie!

What a beautiful Sunday morning! It would be even better if the handsome male model Charlie Scheerer was right next to me. What a sight to wake up to! I have to admit and I hate to be so “cliche,” but Heaven must be missing an angel.

Sweet-faced  Charlie is clearly an angel in a poor disguise.

The handsomeness of it all, its all quite jarring. I’m  just loving his look a lot! From the etherial face, the powder blue eyes, the light-brown hair, he ripped body, right down to that sexy v-line of his.  He’s even got a super adorable smile!

Anyways, The former Abercrombie & Fitch model has just been signed by hot L.A male-model management Nous. Hopefully we’ll get to more from this  angelic beauty from now on. Until then enjoy a few more shots of Charlie.



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