Boys Will Be Boys Part IV: The Young and The Sexy

Only gets hotter from here

After a month of absence, the Boys Will Be Boys Sexiest List is finally back! In case you didn’t know, due to obnoxious circumstances the first 2 of 3 Boys Will Be Boys posts were somewhat deleted. It’s unfortunate, but it’s done. That’s the way the cookie crumbled. In any case, the show must go on. However, I’ve decided to switch it up a little this go around.

I fetched the hottest of the younger guys on Guys with iPhones!

Don’t get me wrong I’m no ageist, I’ve been known to entertain handsome men in their primal 30’s, but this seemed like it was the only way. I personally felt like the “quality” of the men on there have recently declined. Once again, I’m not being ageist, but frankly it seems like everybody, and I mean everybody, and their momma are on there whoring-it-up. As a matter of fact, I think I saw my old middle school teacher on there striking “a sexy pose”. Shaking my damn head.

Regardless, at least I found these 4 diamonds in the rough. Keep reading and vote for your favorite!

The Top 4


The Stunner

4. Danger, danger! Coming in at number 4 this stunner right here looks extremely high voltage! I bet a simple kiss from him can give you electro-shock. Oh, I can feel the electricity, generated by his uber-hotness, running through my spine. It tingles so good. First off, I’m really digging that cocky swagger of his, from the smug expression in the face, to the short spiked hair, to the white tank top accentuating those voltaic arms,and the tattoo’s. Second of all, that shoot-to-stun face ain’t so bad either. Loving that scowl and everything eles. Could you please tase me?And make sure to tase me good.


The City Boy

3. While I do shamelessly and notoriously typically go for the clean-cut type of guys, I’m not going to lie, I do also wildly adore guys with a little edge and some flash. Guys who are athletic accompanied with a dash of style, who takes care of his body physically, but also knows a thing or two about accessorizing the outfit on his hot bod. That’s really sexy to me. That’s most likely the reason why I find this guy down-right seductive with that hand-swept long dark-brown hair, with the “come-hitcher” look in his eyes. The underwear peeking from those low-rising jeans, are hot as well. Quite frankly it’s getting the best of me. He’s so modern, so sexy, so L.A. Won’t you be mine?

The Jock

The Young Jock

2. Hot jock and hottie number two, just kicked the sexy level up a few notches. My attraction to him is way beyond the physical. Oh, give me a minute to breathe and catch up. It’s all way too much for me. I swoon at the stone-cold expression from that handsome face, the crew cut, the tight, ripped, and suggestive body, along with muscle tee displaying those athletically carved arms. The man is like a workout himself, he makes me lose my breath. Honestly, If he wants to get physical, I’ve definitely got a body he can exercise anytime. He can work me out like its cardio. Who knew working on your fitness could be so delicious?

The Top 4


The Catch

1. Oh, Mr. Sand-mad, have you sprinkled your magical sand on my eyes? It’s like I’m dreaming. I’m wide awake, but that’s what it feels like, because I have to say this boy is the cutest that I’ve ever seen. I’m lost in his reverie, the guy is such a vision to behold. His skin is smooth like cotton, his tone is a like caramel and white chocolate, with lips plump like goose-down pillows, and eyes gleaming with confidence. Moreover, his  fresh face is a fancy, and his athletic body is what my deepest fantasies are made of. The baseball hat is a nice touch as well. Even when I close my eyes I see him.  I fawn! He’s a daydream I’d gladly never wake up to. On a sidenote: He looks like hottie Jeff from Big Brother 11 No?

Don’t agree with the my top 4? Don’t hold your peace! Vote for your favorite and see where he places with everybody else



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