The Beckhams Do Lunch

Pick me up too?

Spotted: Soccer star, Husband, Dad, and all round stud David Beckham lunching in Bev. Hills looking so L.A chic. Rocking a basic white tee over jeans, a distressed leather belt and an ultra hot wayferers,

David is looking like the epitome of what hot dad should look like

On a side note: Not that it really matters, but aren’t the Beckham boys a little too big to be carried around like that? It’s odd. However, I’m not going to complain. Fortunately for us, unbeknownst to him, Romeo or is it Cruz (I can’t tell) kneed his shirt upwards providing us with a little peek at those sexy abs we all should be familiar with at this point.

Also, I definitely have to mention how fantastic Victoria’s hair is and how great she looks in that sun dress. Interestingly enough though, the pin thin mom looks like she’s about to be blown away by the wind. I love it! Hold on to something girl! 



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