Love To Leabu | Chris Leabu… Undressed

Chris Leabu

Can't you feel the fever, like I do?

I’m sick! I’ve come down with something. My temperature’s high, I’m feeling weak, I’m dizzy, and my head, including my body, is aching. However, it’s not your regular or ordinary cold. I don’t need a nurse to tell me what’s wrong me with me. It’s pretty obvious. What’s my diagnosis? I’m love-sick, when sexy 6′ 0″ male model Chris Leabu is not beside me. This fever I got from him got me good,

there’s no doctor, no matter how qualified, in town that can help me.

The only prescription I need is brown-haired Chris and his faint-inducing abs on that heart-stopping body on me. It’s not hard to describe, the fever I got from this Cleveland, Ohio native has got a strong hold on me. I need those strong arms and hands of healing to deliver the cure.

Feeling the fever,


One thought on “Love To Leabu | Chris Leabu… Undressed

  1. You didn’t mention it about this guy, but you said something about your fondness for baseball caps and I totally agree, especially when they are on backwards. A backwards BB cap can make an ugly guy look hot!

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