Yes, Sir! | Ryan Kwanten In GQ

Ryan Kwanten

Anything you want, I'll provide it

True Blood’s resident bad boy, dumbo, and all around show himbo Ryan Kwanten is featured in GQ. Looking all sorts of hotness, Ryan is styled for fall with durable pieces to get us through those wet and cold months according to GQ.  “Rough, tough, and rugged! They got that right, that’s exactly what I like and I’m looking for in a man. Rocking a hot Burberry henley and pants with dog tags as well as vintage boots,

Ryan is looking like a fine as hell off-duty military-sergeant I’d like to get drilled by.

That swagger, that attitude and that bod! It sends me into a frenzy, I’m like a vampire out for blood. But, in my case it’s for Ryan Kwanten. Screw bomber jackets, I don’t need them to keep me warn this fall. All I need is a dose of Ryan and I’m all good.



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