Upside Down | Travis Hanson In Vogue Hommes Japan

Put your back into it

All I have to say about this upcoming cover of Vogue Hommes Japan is: Woe! That is on some next level ish. Now I don’t usually like to post magazine covers mainly because most times the photos inside are above and beyond better than the cover anyways, plus all that text is so obnoxious. However, male model

Travis Hanson turned it out with out breaking his pretty little back

Striking a bone-bending and uber-hot pose right next to a stripper pole, practically buck ass naked, all the while making it seem like he’s just chillin’ on his patio. That is the hotness! Ciara ain’t got shit on this. On a side-note though, those Gareth Pugh boots are spectacular, I must rock them. Anyways,  I’m most definitely excited to see the rest of the photos in this issue. It should be Epic!



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