Cam Gigandet Is A Hot Dad!

Cam Shopping In Robertson Blvd.

Oh, tell me why I thought this was Miley Cyrus out and out with uber-stub Cam Gigandet and his baby? I was like damn? When did she have her baby?  But alas it’s actually some other chick Cam’s girlfriend/fiance/wife/babymama I’m not sure. I’m way too lazy to research that ish. What really matters here is who knew Cam had a baby?

Now that’s what I call a D.I.L.F, Yum!

On a side note: is that Adnan Ghalib, Britney’s stalker “ex-boyfriend” behind them? What’s he doing in the states? Wasn’t he deported? Anyways, I’m glad for Cam and his girlfriend/fiance/wife/babymama I’m not sure, their baby is really cute! And I’m also happy for his career which is somewhat taking off, what with doing a small stint on Twilight and everything. However, as ruthless and jerky as he was in that movie, I will always remember Cam as the guy who killed my girl Marrissa Cooper! Oh Coop, The OC wasn’t the same without you. And Taylor could never replace you.

Love ya always,


Photos: X17

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