Covet: Black Engineered Shorts

Black twill shorts

This OAK Black Engineered Shorts is absolutely stunning. Unlike my bitchy BFF, I’ve always been a huge fan of shorts.

I love them, I love wearing them, and I love guys who wear them.

I don’t know why, I just do. I think its sexy for a guy to show his legs, especially if he’s tall, beefy, and handsome, but  that’s for another story. Anyways, I love the cut, the look, and the overall make of this. It’s casual, but not too casual. It’s trendy without looking like your trying too hard. I’m also rather taken by the rolled up look, along with the deep pouch pockets, and draw-string waist. I want this, I need this, I gotta have it. I’d rock it Tim Hamilton style and pair it with a basic black v-cut  tee, my diesel studded ring, and some grecian sandals.

It’s as good as mine,


Shop for this item at OakNyc

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