I’m Ready Michael Stecki!

Michael SteckiMy oh my! Sometimes a guy just looks so right, it makes you wonder if everything else is wrong. I’m just taken aback, I hate to say it, but it must be love. The chiseled body, the traces of hair on the chest, the slick back hair, the stature and the gaze from those soul-peircing eyes. I just can’t help but fall in love with male model Michael Stecki. We need to get together, this is it, Michael and I must marry! It’s just like that saying how your supposed to be “dead” until the day of your wedding, now I understand.

I feel like I’ve been “dead” and I’ll stay “dead” until the precious day I marry this stunner.

I can picture us now, a wonderful June wedding, maybe at the Plaza? Then at the reception, we’d be dancing underneath the stars until the sun comes up. There would be people everywhere, but all I would see would be Michael. For the honeymoon? I’m sure I’d swoon!  However, I must get that proposal first.

I do,


4 thoughts on “I’m Ready Michael Stecki!

  1. michael, he is very beaufitul face and sexy body, nice strong. I like his body with hairy it’s MAGNIFIC!!!

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