Models In Motion: Scott Herman

Truth be told, it seems like the word ‘gorgeous’ was invented just to describe the bulging, in more ways than one, male model, my eternal love, Scott Herman. His dashing features, his luscious hair, and his top-notch body are the epitome of drop dead gorgeous. Check my pulse, because as Rachel Zoe always says: I die. When I see him, my imagination takes me to places it’s never been before. That’s saying a lot. Anyways, when I came upon Scott Herman’s own personal youtube page, I nearly lost my head. The man is a beast! He’s killing me with those hot as Hades shirtless videos of his. Like the one above featuring Scott pumping some iron in the gym, along with a “confessional” of his exercise routine.

Be sure to check out more steamy videos from Scott including: Scott in the shower giving his faithful watchers advice on how to shave their chest, Scott dressed as a sexy Captain America, and more after the cut. All I have to say about these are Scott needs to put that dangerous body of his on me.

Lovin that,


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