Britney Spears: Miley Who?

Wow, once again I was late on this. Apparently my girl, the one and only, living legend and iconic mama Britney Spears won the Ultimate Choice Award at the Teen’s Choice Awards. You go girl! There’s really not much else to say. The girl is back and kicking asses. On a side note I love how Britney just downright snubbed Miley, when she literally snatched the damn surf board from Miley’s paws without even acknowledging her. Also, considering Miley had just called B her “hero” just moments before, the snub seemed cold as ice. It’s as if Brit thought Miley was just some regular “award holder” with that heinous hippie concoction of a dress she was rocking. Wow! That’s ice cold Brit! I guess Miley just got a taste of Pop Hierarchy. If you missed it check out another unedited version of the clip after the cut

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