“The September Issue” Coming Out In August

In the words of designer Thakoon, “OMG, Anna is like… Madonna!” I have to admit, I cannot wait to see this darn movie. “The September Issue” is literally like the real life version of “The Devil Wears Prada,” minus the charming Anne Hathaway, but with whole lot more drama.. I personally have always been curious about the world inside the Vogue offices, the in’s and outs of creating an issue for a magazine, being a former Journalism major, and fascinated with the notorious Ice Queen hereself: Anna Wintour. Which is why I’m absolutely ecstatic to see this. One frigid glare from good ol’e Anna “Nuclear” Wintour will have a bitch wearing icicles for earrings. Who else can make a “suggestion” sound like a demand to The Oscar De La Renta? Who else can cut a $200,000 photo shoot on a whim because it doesn’t meet her standards? Oh, the fashion, the style, the glamour, and the horror! I can’t handle it, someone hold me, preferably with a mink Louis Vuitton Coat or at least a Ralph Lauren Cashmere sweater. If not, shirtless and muscular will do.



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