Shaken & Stirred | Jeff Tomsik…Undressed

Jeff Tomsik

A body that will bring down houses

Twenty three year old, male model, Jeff Tomsik is like an earthquake, he struck me so suddenly and without warning. Truth be told: when I first saw Ohio native, tanned, blond, and man of my dreams, the first word that literally came to my brain was: Oh my goodness! Well, here he is again and I have to say: Oh my goodness gracious! I’m shaken, Jeff surely can’t be real. The man is so scintillatingly hot it’s not right. Where to begin? Those blue puppy dog eyes of his: adorable, the jaw: sexy, the cheek bones: amazing! The overall bone structure of the face is so perfect, it’s as if he was engineered just to tempt me. I’m trembling at the thought and I haven’t even mentioned that rupturing sexy body yet. Standing at a empirical 6’1 and weighing in about 185 lbs the man is just heavy on me!

If I was a San Franciscan building, he would be the earthquake that shook me to my core.

Oh, I can just imagine all the seismic activities we could do. The devastation he could bring to my foundation would end up with a magnitude of 7 in the Richter scale. The aftershock would probably last for days.

Break me off,


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