Taylor Lautner In LA

Lookin' Good Tay!

Spotted: actor and always a cutie, Taylor Lautner arriving in LAX, rocking a gargoyle-colored graphic tee and some jeans, looking smoking hot. Apparently he’s here for the Teen’s Choice Awards, but who cares about that really? I do have a confession though. In a stunning turn of events, I’ve managed to see Twilight, or as my bitchy BFF would say “Starlight” about two weeks ago. Yes, I know, I must admit I was horribly late on that one. Well, to be honest, based on all the previews, commercials, promos, interviews, posters, and such It felt as if  I had already seen the damn movie in it’s entirety. I watched it eventually and boy did I love it. Oh, that Rob he slays me, but that’s another story.

Don’t call me a “twi-hard fan” now, I loved the movie, but I didn’t love love it.

There’s a difference. Anyways, check out more shots of this cutie and his adorable grin..

Better late than never,



One thought on “Taylor Lautner In LA

  1. aw he’s very attractive
    …….kinda ew to the stains on his shirt though….but he’s 17, like me……i’ve been known to walk around w/stains too…haha

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