Hooked On Taylor Parrish

Taylor ParrishI don’t know what’s come over me. I’m losing my damn mind over the sweet incredible male model Taylor Parrish. I can’t get his sweet embraceable face out of my head.

Those insanely adorable eyes of his see right through me like I’m bathing in windex

His stare warms my skin like sunlight on a delightful summer morning. Call me Mariah Carey because I’m so obsessed! As a matter of fact, the thought of him alone makes me feel good. He’s like my own personal brand of endorphins! His beautiful ash-brown hair drives me nuts, his face make me feel like I’m going insane. Add to that the frenzy those wash-board abs cause inside me, and the hysteria his arms put me through. I think I’m done, I can be so crazy when I want to be. Maybe, I need a doctor, I’m in a state of panic! Out of my head! I want Taylor out of my head and into my bed.

Blow my mind,


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