Talking About My Girl

Britney Spears & Lindsay Lohan

Blondes just want to have fun!

OMFG! Now here’s a pairing I never thought I would ever see again. Who you ask? Why it’s none other than the one and only, living legend, and iconic mama, my girl Britney Spears and The Lindsay Lohan herself, hanging out at some Jazz club in LA. I’ve got so many burning questions! First: Is the Brit-pack ready for a reunion? Where’s Paris? Is Linds still on that white powder? What the hell is B wearing? I need answers! Honestly, while I’ve always liked Britney and Lindsay together, I’m a little panicked by the reunion. Is my girl reverting to Blackout Britney? While she did turn out her best music during that time, I do not want to see Pink wig Britney return. All I know is I hope these two learned their lessons and be toxic friends the right way.



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