Hunting Brickner Travis

SBT #3_0050


When I look at the sexy, former swimmer turned male model, Brickner Travis, my inner wild-animal instinct kicks in and goes into total overdrive. Like a full moon, he makes me want to howl! Don’t be alarmed, that’s what happens to me when love takes over. Truth be told

The mere sight of him, along with his viciously lean body, and I go feral!

He’s the type of guy I most definitely want to sink my teeth into.

Let’s be clear, I’m no psycho in disguise, this is serious, it’s lycanthropy! My mind is set and I’m on the prowl. I know what I want, and what I need. It’s the hauntingly sweet face, alluring eyes, the craze-inducing lips, and the impeccable bod. Not to mention the mammoth pecs, along with the erotically beastly thighs, and the finger-combed hair. Get this: nothing, not even garlic, wooden stakes, silver, nor crucifixes, will come between me and Brickner.

Hungry like a wolf,



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