I’m Hella Trippin’ | Channing Tatum In GQ

Channing TatumTruth be told, I was a bit late riding the Channing Tatum bandwagon, even though I’ve always thought he should be a bigger star than he was. Figures, like Mulan, punctuality has never been one of my many fortes. However, if it was riding Channing Tatum himself, that would be a whole different story, That is one dream destination I won’t miss. Regardless, Channing or “Chan” as he likes to be called is one naturally sexy guy.

He’s like an absolute paradise to my eyes

He’s about as fine as the sands in the Maldives, with eyes I could get more lost in than the Bermuda Triangle. He’s also rugged like Rocky mountains, with arms thicker than the Amazon, and an amazing body built like the great pyramids of Egypt. In fact, the intense heat emanating from Channing’s hotness is actually making me dehydrate like a hot summer in Cabo. Oh, Chan won’t you make like an oasis and quench my thirst?

Mouth wide open,


Ps: check out his cover story interview here

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