Fierce! | Ciara – Work (Poker Face Remix)

Bitch, You better work!

Damn! Just when I was about to give up on Ciara, she goes and releases this remix. The girl really turned it out and then some for this one. If you’ve been diggin’ the music I’ve been posting then you all should love love love this one.

I’m literally all over the Poker Face remix of Ciara’s ‘Work’ like glitter on a diva drag queen.

This ish is tranny freakin fierce and just works. I personally think the Poker Face remix is Madonna-miles-away better than the original. The beat is very minimalist, but more hypnotic, like the original, however it has a much more commanding and vivacious club, more specifically house-ey, type of beat that matches up with the diva swagger of the track better than Danja’s at times candy-coated beats. All I know is: there will definitely be “a fight in the club,” cause I’m going to be pushing people over, if I don’t get some room to dance to this ish if it comes on.

The spotlight is on you, here’s your chance. Did this song get the job done or  is it way beyond repair? Download, listen and confess.

Show off,


Download: Ciara – Work (Poker Face Remix) | Like A Surgeon (Abe Clements Radio Edit)

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