I Must Confess…

LHey guys, L here. Just woke up, bed head and all, realizing that I haven’t done one of these updates in a little bit so I figured now is as good a time as any.
Where to begin? Confession: I’m not happy at my job anymore. I used to be, but now I’m not. The hotel I’m working for has drastically changed from when I started working there to what it is now. Not only did one of my co-workers whom I love love love leave for another job, because she wasn’t happy there anymore as well, the “new” managerial staff and their greedy and hypocritical “ways” of doing and getting things done is just not for me. I can’t stand them any longer. As much as I like the rest of the people there, I am now on a serious hunt for a new job, recession and all. Wish me luck!
On a lighter note: COABB, that’s Confessions of a Bad Boy to those who don’t know. Has grown tremendously in the past Month. My viewer/readership has grown more than 100% from the same time last month. I’m just eternally grateful, thankful and happy that people actually enjoy my musings and confessions about love and men and continue to visit. Thank you guys!


4 thoughts on “I Must Confess…

  1. Good luck, you will succeed. You have a great talent in making a wonderful blog. Just like to tell you that you earned a lot of respect…
    Love from Holland! Alfred xo

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