Blow By Blow | Tyson Paige… Undressed



Truth be told this particular steamy, shirtless, and self-taken photo of Tyson Paige was the one that jump started the whole ‘Boys Will Be Boys‘ posts. The moment I saw that photo, I felt like I was sucker punched, my entire jaw just dropped. No surprises there of course, he  looks impeccable from his very pretty head down to his toe.

Tyson Paige will knock you out with his looks harder than UFC fighter can with his fist.

This handsome, blonde, and californian stunner stands at a dangerously high 6’0″, equipped an awesome set of emerald green eyes, and an athletically fit body that will have you seeing stars. Personally, I wouldn’t mind going a couple of rounds with Tyson, no referee’s, no audiences, just me, him, and a bed for a ring. Considering I’m so lightweight, I might lose in combat, but not before I give him a few of my world class blows.

Hit me with your best shot,


4 thoughts on “Blow By Blow | Tyson Paige… Undressed

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  2. well he loves to have sex with guys for money, 100% sure of that…they say he’ll even let you cum on his face if you’ve got enough cash… him here: or here: 213-342-7949

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