Thanks For The Memories Andrew Shaw!



When I first saw the male model Andrew Shaw, he reminded me of someone I knew, but I didn’t really put much thought into it. After all, I’ve seen many men and I’ve been with many men. It wasn’t until I saw these photos of him, by David Love, though that I finally remembered who the person was. A really cute german guy with dreamy puppy-dog eyes, that I hooked up with once upon a time and he even offered to pay for my cab ride home. Remembering all of that made me smile.

End of personal confession and back to Trenchcoat with no underwear, Andrew.

Nevermind that the man is a natural born stunner, there’s something serene, familiar, and kind about him that warms my heart.

This might sounds insane, but it’s like I’ve been waiting for him forever. I don’t know where he is, he could be cities away or right next door, but I can picture us: love at first sight, holding hands, walking in the park, and falling deeper in love.  I can’t explain enough, but He could be my future love.

It’s going to happen when its suppose to happen,


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