Models In Motion: Scott Herman



Silly me! I haven’t talked about one of my original “loves” Scott Herman in this blog for the longest of time. How could I let this tragedy happen? I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll do my best not to let it happen again.

With that behind us, check out Scott’s behind, and I mean behind, in this behind the scene video of him shooting the promotional pictures for Undergear‘s fall catalog. You might want to turn up the A.C because Scott is looking the hottest he’s even been here! The man is also so mesmerizing it’s hard to pay attention and actually listen to what the hell he is talking about. However, what I do know is:

As long as I can breathe I’ll always have thing for Scott Herman.

Check out Scott’s sexy interview featuring him comfortably lounging around in his underwear and the accompanying bulging and ass-baring photoshoot


5 thoughts on “Models In Motion: Scott Herman

  1. I like Scott too, for his personality and character. He’s such a good person. However, I have to remain true to my idol, Ryan Conklin. Probably won’t see Ryan in underwear shots anytime soon, but military garb is hot too.

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