Jon Micklow Is Game

Jon MicklowOh my stars and garters! I saw this while perusing Towleroad and all I have to ask is: could male model Jon Micklow be any stud-lier? Hoo-Rah! Ok, I know I’m using military innuendo’s therefore they’re wrong references, considering the theme, but it works. Regardless though, if you look up “stud” in the dictionary the photo of Jon on the left would be the definite accompanying photo.

Honestly, the body on this fellow has got to be one of the nicest I’ve ever seen.

He’s cut like a diamond, hard as a rock, built like a boulder and packing steel!

I’m albeit curious as to how hard this guy plays in bed. Somebody better call 911, that match up might lead to an emergency situation. If it were me I might come out bottom’s up with a serious concussion, some bruises, and sprains here and there. However, that’s how I like it and when it comes to love games, I don’t mind Jon coming out on top.



2 thoughts on “Jon Micklow Is Game

  1. For my money – Jon is all the man anyone needs – the most handsome perfect male on the internet! Maybe I exaggerate – but not for ME.

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