From”Striptease” to “Peep Show”
Ex and the most famous member of the now dismantled Danity Kane, my soul-sister, Aubrey O’Day landed a job in Vegas baby! The former DK bad girl will be replacing Melanie’ B (of the Spice Girls) after her run ends. Good for Aubs! How poetic from one girl-bander to the next.

According to Scott Zeiger, co-CEO of Base Entertainment:

Aubrey is one of the sexiest entertainers in the industry today and we are thrilled to welcome her to the ‘Peepshow’ cast.

Considering she’s bare almost all for the world. I’m guessing a little peepshow wouldn’t hurt. Girl, where’s that album?[MTV]


The Trouble With Cheap “Sex”
I see a storm in the horizon! With the first Sex & The City shutting it down in the box office, it should be no surprise to anyone that there’s a sequel. However, not everyone might be onboard this go around. No no I’m not referring to one of the ladies, I’m referring to famed, iconic, and the amazing stylist Patricia Field. Here’s the thing: It was reported that producer and star Sarah Jessica Parker wanted the fashion in the movie to reflect or at least show the audiences that “Carrie” is affected by the current economy too. Well, what does Patricia Field have to say about that? “Bitch, Please!” Ok so she didn’t say that. Apparently, Ms. Fields isn’t too keen on turning the iconic Carrie Brandshaw and her trendsetting style from  uber-fashionista to cheap-reccesionista!

According to Pat:

I don’t use the recession as a reference for my creativity

Honestly, I hope they get this little problem solved because it would be a grave mis-step for them not to have Patricia return. The woman is a style genius. Example: The black studded cinched belt she featured on the first movie exploded like semen on a willing twinks face. Suddenly everybody was rocking that studded belt from U.S to Nepal.  [Grazia]


“Excuse Me, Excuse Me?”
OMG! Daria, one my my beloved teenage shows is coming to DVD. Truth be told, I love love loved this show! So sarcastic, so funny, so ahead of its time and so fashion! My Bff would always call me “Tiffany” after the asian girl in the show, because sometimes I would be so “slow”. Gee! He’s such a Sandy! [The Daily What]

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