Be Mine Lucas Kerr



Confession: Theres something about Lucas Kerr that feels different from the other male models and guys. I’m not just talking about his handsome features, and his astounding bone structure, but actually in regards to his overall look and vibe.

He’s not what I would call boyfriend material, lover, fuck-buddy, etc. He is definitely none of those. In fact, I actually see him as husband material. Is it just me?

He has the looks of someone you make your husband!

I swear, I lose my thoughts just looking at those piercing eyes. It’s weird I can’t really explain how I came to that conclusion, but that’s what I instantly got when I looked at him. Maybe it’s because his build is muscular and athletic, but not intimidating, he’s soft and classically good-looking, and clean-cut or it could be because I know someone who looks like him. Regardless, this is one man I’d without a doubt run to altar with.

Your the one,


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