Push My Buttons! | Leighton Meester – Body Control

Lend me your ears and take a listen at a newly leaked track from Leighton Meester called “Body Control” from what is most likely for her upcoming album. In case you all didn’t know, I love love love me some Gossip Girl. It’s pretty much the only thing I turn my T.V on for, anything else I just catch it whenever I get a chance. Also if you didn’t know Leighton Meester, one of the main stars of show, is seriously trying to branch out into music. Interestingly enough, her first foray was a guest spot on Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad,” and while I didn’t hate that song, I didn’t love it either. However, I don’t blame Leighton for that, considering it wasn’t really her own song to begin with. Regardless, she sounded pretty decent, if not actually good, on the track.

Back to Body Control thought, the verdict? I kinda love it! It’s an electric, up-tempo, speedy, dance-ey, and pure pop track. Don’t be mistaken, there’s nothing revolutionary here, but it’s an all around pretty good track.

It’s sounds like a mish-mash of the one and only, my girl, living legend and iconic mama, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga in one.

The track is actually very “Money Honey” meets “Toy Soldier,” now that I think about it. So if you happen to like those tracks you will like this and If you didn’t, then as my bff would always tell me when I don’t like something “Tough luck, Hoe!”

Turn me on,


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