Carlos Friere In The Saddle!

Carlos Friere


When I first saw male model Carlos Friere I wasn’t really blown away or moved by him. Maybe it was his hair at the time, the photos themselves or something. I wasn’t sure what it was but something wasn’t “clicking”. However, that all changed when I glanced at these shots of him.

He looks absolutely amazing in this horse-jockey-polo inspired photo shoot. I feel like I’m looking at him for the first time.

Maybe it’s the angles? The sexual innuendo? A new do perhaps? Less tanned?

It’s something and I can’t quite put my finger on it, yet again, but I admit he looks real good. All I know this this is one stud I’d take out the stable and ride.



p.s: I just realized that he looks a little bit like Edilson Nascimento in these shots.

Carlos FriereCarlos Friere

Carlos Friere

One thought on “Carlos Friere In The Saddle!

  1. After having viewed several of your blogs it seems that your desire in men lean more towards those of the “anglo” persuasion.

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