Beach boy! | Chris Austad In GQ



Take a few glances at this little marvel, male model, Chris Austad, heating up the pages German GQ looking all sorts of marvelous! Facially he’s without a doubt in my heart gorgeous! Body wise:

He’s lean and athletic, but still tastily beefy in all the right places.

On top of that look at those pecs… Could they be anymore perfect?  He’s scrumptious!

There’s also some fashion involved in this post… some accessories, sweaters, and such. I don’t remember exactly, my memory eludes me when there’s hot boys involved. When it comes to fashion, it always takes a backseat to boys, in my blog, similar to the way I take the backseat(there’s more room to move) with the guys in my life. One is obviously more stimulating than the other.

Regardless, boys, boys, boys of the summer, oh how I love them! But then again who doesn’t? It’s some kind of wonderful! If you don’t, then I have to ask. What’s not to love really? Hot boys under the sun, soaking wet, and displaying lots of skin. I won’t believe it! You all love it and you can’t deny it.

Summer should be endless,


Chris AustadChris Austad

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