On The Runway Part. IV | Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

Louis Vuitton 2010 Spring

Louis Vuitton

Purple must be the color of the year, season, or something. I swear I’ve been noticing it featured prominently everywhere! From fashion to general life, its purple madness! I guess I chose the perfect color for my blog! Anyways, take a peek at Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Menswear collection, which I love love love.

I’m really diggin’ the short shorts! I’m a huge sucker for them. The combination of of deep purple and beige tones are simply amazing.

It’s so casual, so flirty, so modern, so sleek, so boho, so much skin, it’s so me!

I’m just completely blown away by the easy breeezy-ness of it all (and of course the hottie in the right). This is the perfect summer spring fall and winter attire. Louis Vuitton fulfill one of my wishes and dress me completely and for the rest of my life! If not, atleast send some, if not all, of these shorts shorts my way. I covet them, I have to have them.

Check out more of my favorite looks from the stunning Louis Vuitton collection ranging from more purple and khaki short shorts, to leather jackets

Dress me,


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