Drained! | Brian Newman… Undressed

Brian Newman


I don’t remember ever feeling like this. I feel powerless, I’m losing my will, and my system is shutting down. I’m grasping for air and I need ventilation! Male model, Brian Newman has taken all of me, leaving me utterly breathless. He’s exactly what I need, he is like oxygen to me, without him I feel weak. The wind-swept ash-blonde hair, the dreamy and alluring eyes, the million dollar smile, the sharp nose, the all-american scruffy and handsome face, the athletic but not bulging physique, is taking it’s toll on me.

Brian Newman will be the end of me, he’s taking all of my energy.

I’ve lost my will to try, that’s seems insane, but that’s the way I love. I can’t wait to get through this phase, I can’t afford to hold my breathe any longer

Don’t leave me breathless,


Brian NewmanBrian NewmanBrian Newman

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